What Would Happen If All Of A Sudden The World Turned Vegetarian?

This is obviously a hypothetical question. This turning point can be feasible gradually not readily. Currently, the number of non vegetarians are much more in compared to vegetarians globally. This ratio is ceaselessly increasing as meat has been becoming people’s first choice in their diet. People are becoming addictive to meat just like liquor. Now what would happen if suddenly people started having plant based diet only? It would be the single most important step to the conservation of resources, prevention of global warming, betterment of living creatures besides pastures and a lot more.

Some of the biggest changes after the turning of world into a vegetarian one:

People are nowadays much aware of threats of global warming caused by automobiles and depletion of forest. However, many of them never consider their meat based diet as the bigger cause of global warming. The wastes of livestock emits methane, a gas which is much harmful than the common greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Hence, livestock is responsible for about 15% greenhouse gases which is obviously more than the emissions by automobiles and other sources.

According to Real Estate CRM Software, it is estimated that the area acquired by the farms of livestock in the world is about the landmass of Africa. So if the business got over, those lands can be used for accommodation purpose. Lands of livestock farms are not good for agriculture due to land pollution caused by the pastures.

Water is one of the basic needs of people which is spent recklessly in the production of food for livestock. We can preserve almost three-fourths of the unnecessarily used drinking water if the meat based diet went down.

We could actually move a step further in curbing the problems of air, water and land pollution by doing so. The more the livestock, the more waste they produce. Discharge of those wastes into water bodies causes water pollution immensely. Meanwhile, the smell of wastes is responsible for suffocation air as well.
However, in turning the world vegetarian, economy of over 1 billion people would decline instantly. As majority of people are involved in this business for their subsistence.

For a better understanding of all the consequences watch this video:


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