Four Essential Questions to Ask a Moving Company Up-Front

Hiring movers is a necessary step in the relocation experience for many people. It is simply not feasible or practical to consider loading a moving truck with all of your items, transporting items in the truck to your new home and unloading the truck by yourself. While some people will hire the first moving company that they stumble upon, it may be a smart idea to contact several companies before you make a good hiring decision. These are critical questions to ask any movers before you finalize your reservation for service.

1. How Many Workers Are Included in the Quote?

During the quote process, the moving company should ask questions to determine the overall size of your relocation project. Based on this information, they will estimate how many movers it will take to do the job within a specified number of hours. Before you can compare quotes and determine which quote is fair and realistic, you need to understand the hours and number of workers quoted. While professionals can work quickly, be cautious about hiring a company that gives you a lowball estimate on labor needs. There is a possibility that they may be trying to reflect a lower rate to earn your business, but they may wind up charging you as much as or more than another company on moving day.

2. Do I Need to Provide Any Supplies or Equipment?

Many moving companies arrive with all equipment that they need, such as dollies and blankets. Some even come with additional boxes and tape so that any last-minute items can quickly be boxed up. Because not all moving companies include this in their quote, it is a smart idea to ask up-front. Visit Hudson Movers and learn more from their library of resources.

3. Is the Truck Large Enough?

Smaller moving companies generally have a limited number of trucks or trailers available. These may be trucks or trailers that are designed to move smaller homes or apartments rather than large homes. When a truck is not big enough to do the job in one trip, you may find yourself charged for extra time and miles or scrambling to make other arrangements for relocated the items that the movers could not load into the truck.

4. Will You Charge for Additional Hours of Service?

Some moving companies charge a flat rate based on their estimate of the workload, and they hold fast to the quoted rate. Others quote an hourly rate, and they give you an estimated price based on their hourly rate times the estimated number of hours. The latter estimate can easily change, and there is a chance that you may pay a significantly higher fee on moving day than you were quoted.

While many moving companies are ethical and above-board, you can see that there are many factors that you need to be aware of up-front to ensure that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises on moving day. By asking these questions, you can be more educated about the services that you are requesting.