7 Secrets to a Successful Immigration Interview

Passing an immigration interview depends on a number of things. Besides making sure that your paperwork is in order, hiring an immigration lawyer Toronto is one of the smartest moves you can make to help assure your interview success. There are a number of other secrets that can almost guarantee you a Canadian visa application approval.

1. Maintain Eye Contact

Your posture and eye contact can sometimes tell the immigration officer more about you than your paperwork. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding your interviewer’s eye by either looking sideways or down. This could be misconstrued to mean that you are rude or nervous and make the interview hesitant to even consider your application. Instead, maintain constant eye contact to show your interest, passion and enthusiasm.

2. Prepare for the Interview

Don’t just cobble up a number of documents and then head over to the interviewer’s office. Take time to scrutinize your documents. Make sure you carry copies and originals of all the pertinent documents. Also, fill out the application form as comprehensively as possible. The interviewer may also ask you some very personal questions. Be prepared to answer them since not doing so may lead to a rejection of your application.

3. Don’t Lie

If you lie, you will be found out. Always tell the truth about your circumstances when seeking a visa. The surest way to get your application declined is to be caught in a lie.

4. Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

Effective communication is a huge contributor to a successful visa application. Avoid using words and inflections that may be interpreted as a lack of confidence. Don’t use words such as “I guess,” “um,” etc. This depicts a personality that lacks confidence.

5. Dress Appropriately

Going for a visa interview is an important event. Dress appropriately as this reflects your personality. It is said that you are addressed by how you dress. Always make an effort to look neat and professional. Avoid excessive makeup. Remember that this is not a fashion show. Keep jewellery to the bare minimum. The most important thing is to show that you took the interview invitation seriously enough to at least dress appropriately.

6. Demonstrate Commitment to Your Country

To improve your chances of getting approved for a Canadian visa, you will need to demonstrate a firm commitment to your country. The interviewer wants to be assured that you will return to your country upon the expiry of your visa. Having a stable job or being enrolled in a school, or having valuable assets, and your marital status, will go a long way in giving the interviewer confidence that you are established in your country.

7. Explaining Clearly Why You Want to Visit Canada

Have you been invited for an international conference? You will need to show evidence of this. You should have an invitation letter inviting you to the conference. Also, indicate what your accommodation arrangement is. Not being clear as to why you are seeking a visa will be very strong grounds for declining your application.

While applying for a Canadian visa, your application will stand a better chance of being approved if you provide all the necessary documentation.