7 Consequences of Leaks in Food Packaging

You’ve worked hard to create a food product your customers love. You source the best ingredients. You strive to deliver the freshest tasting food possible. You even avoid using preservatives, additives, and chemicals in your product. Unfortunately, all of this effort could be for naught if you’re not using effective leak detection equipment to ensure the quality and freshness of your products.

Preserving your inventory along the distribution chain is crucial to maintaining its integrity. Here are some consequences of leaks in food packaging.

1. Reduced Shelf-Life

Even a small leak that’s gone unnoticed in your food packaging can reduce the shelf-life of your product. The food may spoil quickly and much earlier than its sell-by date or best-by date.

2. Increased Bacteria Growth

Depending on the type of food your packaging, letting air leak into the package can be detrimental to its safety. The air may cause harmful bacteria growth, which can make your consumers sick if they eat it. That’s why it’s so important to check 100 percent of your food packages, rather than spot check for leaks.

3. Unappealing Flavour and Odour

You strive to offer your customers the freshest, tastiest food. This will be impossible if there are leaks in your packages. In fact, the food may become stale, or worse, unsafe to eat. It may have an unappealing odour or flavour. You could lose customers or have to field a mass of customer complaints due to a simple leak.

4. Customer Dissatisfaction

If your customers are expecting to eat your great food but instead find a spoiled, unsafe, or stale product in their packaging, they will no doubt lose trust in your brand. They may share their grievances on social media and with their friends and family. They may post negative reviews about you online. And you will likely lose them as customers for good. Using leak detection equipment on all food packaging can prevent these consequences.

5. Retailer Dissatisfaction

If customers go back to the retailer to complain about the spoiled food caused by leaks in your packaging, the retailer will likely be dissatisfied with their dealing with you as a company. If they have to field complaint after complaint, they may choose to stop accepting your products for sale.

6. Affected Brand Identity

You want to be known for your great food products. You do all you can to give your customers exactly what they want from your products. Unfortunately, your brand may still be tarnished by leaks in food packaging that led to poor customer experiences.

7. Reduced Revenue

As mentioned above, leaks in food packaging can lead to dissatisfaction from both retailers and customers alike. If customers stop purchasing from you due to spoiled food and retailers refuse to stock your products due to leaks, you will undoubtedly face reduced revenue, which can significantly harm the success of your business.

As a food distributor, it’s critical that you preserve the freshness, shelf-life, and safety of your foods. It’s critical to your consumers’ trust, your relationships with retailers, and your brand identity and profits. Ensure you’re using top-of-the-line leak detection equipment.