4 Advantages of Furnished Apartments over Hotels for Temporary Housing

Many people find themselves needing short-term housing for various reasons. When you sell your home and buy another, you may have to wait a few months for the purchase closing, and you will need somewhere to stay until then. Taking temporary residency near a hospital for a loved one’s long-term treatment or rehabilitation is another reason to find a comfortable place to stay. Here are four reasons to choose a furnished apartment over commercial lodging, like a motel or hotel.

1. Security

Although hotels and motels are monitored professionally with techniques like a desk clerk or security cameras, the managers of these establishments are responsible for people that come and go frequently. The turnover may be daily or every few days, so it is challenging to keep track of everyone who enters and leaves the building. Furnished apartment managers, however, provide permanent security to monitor the premises and protect not only residents, but also their belongings. Their job is easier than a hotel manager’s due to the lower turnover of individuals routinely coming and going.

2. Décor

Hotel décor is obvious. While attractive, it doesn’t exactly look like home. Often the wallpaper, flooring, and fixtures are commercial grade for longevity, and they look it. Furnished apartments Toronto, however, generally have a more laid-back look that feels like home. You can add some of your own decorating items to personalize your living space, too.

3. Convenience

Living in a furnished apartment, you can take it easy and leave the work to management. Although the place is literally yours while rented, the cleaning work and maintenance upkeep are often handled by management. Renters of furnished apartments can enjoy the convenience of carefree living with the privacy and home-like ambiance of an individual unit.

4. Comfort

Just like at home, you can kick back and relax in your personal furnished apartment without concern for unknown neighbors’ noisy intrusions. Chances are you will make the acquaintance of your neighbors and build connecting relationships of mutual respect and regard, unlike a motel atmosphere where people usually do not know each other and have little concern for the guest next door’s needs. Relaxing in your nicely-furnished apartment that is your new home, you will have the amenities of ownership without the expensive responsibilities or the inconveniences of commercial temporary lodging.

A furnished apartment is the perfect haven for someone who wants a comfortable place to live without a lot of upkeep. Apartments are often cheaper than long-term hotel or motel stays, too. Check out the advantages of furnished apartment living as you plan the next phase of your life.


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