Top 7 Tools Every Roofer Should Have – Roofing Equipment

You don’t eat bread with chopsticks, do you? Ever tried playing cricket with a baseball bat? It wouldn’t fit into the situation, right? The point is, for every set of work, you need a certain set of equipment designed for that very purpose. Being a roofer, you must know the importance of a few tools used in roofing. There are various tools designed to handle all kinds of roofing materials, be it asphalt, slate or metal shingles. The right choice of tools doesn’t only improve your efficiency but increases your safety as well. Let’s have a look at some of the most basic yet crucial tools that Roofers Toronto must have:


There is no rocket science behind the use of a ladder. Yet, you must be careful while choosing one. An ideal ladder should go high but not lose its stability while going high. It keeps you secure and makes you concentrate on your work without worrying about the height and stability.

Roofing Shovel:

Removing roofing shingles becomes much easier if you are provided with a good shingle remover (a.k.a Roofing shovel). Your roofing shovel must be a ‘heavy-duty’ one, as it needs a lot of effort to remove shingles. While choosing a shovel, you must stick to the one which has a high durability and strength.

Roofing Nailer:

One of the most crucial roofing equipment is the Nailer. Available in various types and sizes, your choice of nailer defines your style of working as a Roofer. Nailing at a productive speed with a good efficiency is what you would expect from an ideal nailer. You can adjust a nailer for various nail sizes and work accordingly. Equipment like the coil nailer and air gun are currently the most used and popular nailers in the industry.

Roofing Hammer:

Despite using a nailer, you do need a good hammer to keep your errors in check. A handy tool with basic techniques can be a key addition to your toolkit and makes you ‘street-smart’. It can be used for removing misplaced tiles and nails.

Cordless Drill:

It is another ‘must-have’ equipment in your kit. A multipurpose drill machine which drills into concrete and metal easily. Being cordless, it removes the fuss of finding an electric socket everywhere you go for work. While selecting a cordless drill, you must have a look at its strength and battery life. Beware of products which promise a lot but fail to deliver.

Hard Hats:

Be it a new construction site, or a renovating one, hazards follow you everywhere you go. Hard hats keep stones and shingles away from hitting your head. Better safe than sorry!

Steel-toed shoes:

To secure a firm grip on all the surfaces you work on, a good pair of shoes are a must wear. Mosses and algae on the roofs make it slippery and roofers face a lot of problems while dealing with them. Moreover, soft-soled and steel-toed shoes keep you comfortable and protect your legs from various hazards at the construction site.

As a man on a mission, you must take your special weapons, that is, your important tools with you. You can get some expert opinions at roofers Toronto as well!


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