Put Away the Search Engine and Call an Expert: 4 Ways to Tell When you Need a Professional Plumber

People spend a lot of time talking about the “old days” and how modern generations aren’t as ingenuitive or resourceful as their grandparents were. Honestly, though, that’s just not that accurate for one simple reason: the internet. People today have access to articles, videos, and message boards which make solving most minor home problems a cinch. However, this also has the downside of leading homeowners into a false sense of confidence. It is important to be honest with yourself and know when to abandon a do-it-yourself project and call a professional plumber.

1. When it is a Persistent Issue

Clogged toilets and leaky faucets are simple to diagnose problems with simple to apply solutions. Up until the point where they aren’t. There is a big difference between a toilet that is occasionally clogged and one that is constantly clogged. Constant, persistent issues can be difficult to diagnose and difficult to fix. So while it is advisable to keep a bottle of liquid drain cleaner on hand for emergencies, if you find it becoming a supermarket staple, it’s probably time to call a professional.

2. When it is a Specific Type of Leak

Fixing a leaking faucet or a dripping spigot is something that is within most people’s mechanical ability. However, the most important factor in each of these cases is that it’s hard for you to do additional damage while trying to fix these issues yourself. This is definitely not the case when it comes to leaking pipes. Not only is a leaky pipe difficult to fix, but the chances for a costly mistake are also exponentially higher.

3. When Electricity is Involved

Electrical or wiring issues are something that you should be extremely cautious about when it comes to general do-it-yourself projects. This goes double for a plumbing based electrical issue. Most of the time, it’s just not worth it. The potential for catastrophic failure is simply too high to risk it.

4. When You Just Don’t Know

No one wants to spend money that they don’t have to and no one wants to admit they can’t solve their own problems. Unfortunately, sometimes that is your best option. If you ever find yourself at the point where you just don’t know what to do next, call a plumber Toronto. Not only will it give you peace-of-mind, but it is also usually a lot cheaper than you think it will be.


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