Most Dangerous Roads in The World: Drive At Your Own Risk

Roads are the most common medium of transportation in any country. They need to be well furnished for smooth and safe drives. However, most of the accidents occur at roads in which careless driving remain the soul cause. But there are some roads which challenge the drivers’ skill, courage and bravery. Here is a list of some most dangerous roads in the world which are responsible for many deaths per year and the counting is still going on.

1. Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

This road in Norway has two entirely different faces. While it is regarded as one of the most beautiful roads, it is also one of the most dangerous ones. Stretching over 5 miles through small islands, this road paves way of crashing your vehicle in the ocean if not driven carefully.

2. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Being narrow at a high cliff, this road witnesses many deaths every year. Rainy season adds some more challenges to the drivers in this road. Want to be a perfect mother of your loveliest child? You must visit baby shows for sure then!

3. James Dalton Highway

If you visit Alaska for the first time don’t ever try to drive your rented car on this road. The icy roads along with usual transportation of flammable oils make this road much risky to drive.

4. Jalalabad-Kabul Road Afghanistan

This 65 km stretched road between these two countries is not dangerous due to insurgency. The narrowness and reckless overtaking causes myriads of lethal accidents.

5. Eshima Ohashi Bridge

By mstk east (eshima oohashi 04) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By mstk east (eshima oohashi 04) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Often nicknamed as ‘The Roller Coaster Bridge’ in Japan, this road is one of the steepest in the world. You can easily have an assumption of the risks on this road.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

You would be amazed after looking at the construction of this road. It is carved out of a mountain which make it a dangerous one at such height.

7. The Himalayan Road

Considered as the highest road in the world at a height of over 11000 m between India and Tibet. The tourist bus drives dare to drive this one lane road along the Himalayan mountain which is only filled of dirt.


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