Four Thoughtful Tips to Decorate a Furnished Apartment

Furnished apartments can be a truly beneficial housing option for unique situations. For example, you may have plans to be in town for a few months on business, or you may need to relocate to a new space temporarily during a major home renovation project. When you are moving into a furnished unit for these or other reasons, you may enjoy the convenience of moving into a space that is comfortable to live in as soon as you arrive. However, furnished apartments lack your personal sense of style and may require decorative effort on your part. These are a few decorating tips that can help you to personalize the space.

1. Choose a Few Floor Rugs

A furnished apartment usually only has the bare essentials for comfort, such as a sofa and end tables in the living room, a bed and dresser in the bedroom and several other pieces. To make the space look more home-like and to add trendy color to the rooms, use floor or area rugs. In addition to adding color, they also add texture and define the style in the space.

2. Add Pillows and Throws

To further accessorize the rooms, invest in new pillows and throws to toss on the sofa or chairs in the living room and on the bed in the master bedroom. These are typically affordable items, and they can introduce an element of comfort to the rooms in a colorful way. You may even opt to bring your favorite pillows and throws from home.

3. Decorate the Walls

Some furnished apartments Toronto feature wall décor, and others do not. Included wall décor may lack personality and may have a generic style. Consider bringing some of your favorite wall art from home, or invest in a few affordable pieces that will do the job for a short period of time while you are in the space. Another idea is to use vinyl stickers that are designed specifically for use as wall art and that can be easily removed.

4. Add Personal Items

By taking these steps, you can introduce color and incorporate your own sense of style in the unit. However, the space may still not feel quite like home until you dress up the area with a few personal items. This may include framed family photos that you place on a bedside table or a favorite family heirloom. Regardless of the pieces that you select to bring with you, you will enjoy having reminders of your permanent home while you are staying in this space.

You can feel right at home in your furnished apartment by taking a few important steps to dress up your space. These are affordable and effective tips that can produce lovely results in your new apartment.


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