Four Signs That a Window Replacement Is Needed

It is easy to assume that something as sturdy and hardwearing as window glass would provide you with decades of hassle-free use. As long as the window glass does not shatter by impact, you may believe that your experience should be great with the windows. However, a home will need new windows every few decades. In some cases, new windows may be required sooner to protect the condition of the home and to provide you with a more comfortable living experience. These are some of the tell-tale signs that indicate the need for a window replacement.

1. Difficulty Opening and Closing the Windows

Older windows may no longer slide easily along their track as intended. You may find it difficult to open the windows, or they may even be painted shut. This is a safety issue that you cannot overlook. In other cases, the windows will not close all the way, and you may not be able to lock them. This is a home security issue.

2. Outside Air Is Streaming Indoors

When you feel a draft of air in your home on windy days or when there is a major temperature differential between the outdoors and indoors, this is a sign that you have a leak around the windows. You may also hear the glass panes rattling on a windy day. This issue can lead to discomfort in the home, higher energy bills, humidity-related issues and more.

3. Insulating Your Windows Yourself

Some people who have grown accustomed to having older, leaky windows will apply plastic wrap to their windows at the beginning of each cold weather season. The purpose is to add another layer of insulation on the windows for temperature control. If you are in the habit of doing this or if you have been toying with the idea, replacing the windows is a smarter idea that can produce more substantial results with temperature control and energy consumption.

4. Frosted or Foggy Windows

Another sign that new windows are needed is foggy or frosted windows on at least some days of the year. This may be on the interior or exterior of the windows, or it may be in the middle gas chamber between the glass panes. The frost or fog can penetrate this chamber when it has been damaged. Another sign of this problem is mold growth between the panes.

Your home’s windows are an essential component that impact your living experience in numerous ways. Remember that older windows can affect everything from temperature control and energy efficiency to air quality, safety, security and more. If you have identified any of these signs in your home’s windows, now is a wonderful time to request a quote for a window replacement.


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