Five Tips for Moving During a Snowy and Icy Winter

Sometimes, you get to move at your convenience. Other times, you may have to move at a time of year that is not ideal. If you have to move during snowy or icy winter weather conditions, you will need to take some extra precautions. You and your team of movers can use these five tips for moving during a snowy and icy winter.

1. Keep Walkways Clear

The movers will go into and out of your house countless times when loading the truck. Do your best to keep walkways clear and free of ice and snow. The movers Toronto will need a clear path that is wide enough for two people to walk side by side carrying an item between them. If they are putting the moving truck in your driveway, make sure the entire driveway is clear.

2. Use a Deicing Agent

Consider using a deicing agent on your concrete and asphalt paths during the moving process. These agents lower the melting point of water. Even if it is only -10 to -5 degrees Celsius, the ice or snow could easily melt. Make sure to get the ice off of hand rails, steps and curbs that you and your team of moving professionals will traverse during the loading process.

3. Protect Sensitive Belongings

Some items that you are moving may be sensitive to moisture and extreme cold. If it is actively snowing during the loading process, boxes could get wet. In such a case, try to have the moving team place the moving truck’s door as close to your home’s door as possible. Use tarps to cover items that are not in boxes. Wood furniture is at the highest risk of damage from moisture and extremely cold temperatures.

4. Consider a Heated Truck

If extreme temperatures are forecast, consider asking the moving company to use a heated or climate-controlled truck. A climate-controlled storage compartment helps to keep your belongings at a safe and consistent temperature that will not affect their appearance, structural integrity or functionality. A heated truck may also be more comfortable for the moving team as they load the truck.

5. Track Road Closures and Weather Alerts

Track road closures that may have been put into place for safety reasons. Your movers may have to change their route to your home. Be aware of any weather alerts, such as high wind advisories, extreme cold temperature or winter storm watches. If you are moving a long distance, stay connected and keep updated about weather alerts and road closures for each leg of your journey. Stay in touch with the moving professionals if they have to change their route.


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