Dental Implants: Say Goodbye To The Fear Of Stepping Out

Smiles are precious, so are your teeth. Why let a dental problem become a hindrance to your smile? Dental Implantation is the best way to regain your lost or damaged teeth. It is a technique where your damaged tooth is replaced with an artificial one by mounting it over a titanium post that is placed between the jaw. It is obvious that the original teeth can’t be brought back, but the dental implants can prove to be as healthy as the original ones.

How is the process carried out?

Before getting ahead with the implantation, you must consult the best doctors around you. Dental Implants Toronto helps you find one. An average implantation usually takes 5-6 months. Implantation in the lower jaw takes less time than the upper one. However, it may take a year in some cases, often when the patient needs to build up more bone. At first, the thorough check up of your jaw is done to determine its ability to hold the implant. If required, bone grafting or bone distraction is carried out to build up enough bone to enable the jaw to hold implants. When your jaw is finally ready for it, the implant is surgically placed in your jawbone by making an opening in it. The abutment is then attached to the implant with the help of a screw. Finally, a crown is cemented over it. Here are your teeth! Bright and shiny, ready to complement your smile.

Why prefer Implants?

  • Looks are your first impression and you would not want your impression to be inferior just because of one damaged tooth! Getting a brand new implanted tooth with original looks, fit and functions is never a bad idea.
  • Even if looks are not your first priority, you need to care about health issues. A misplaced or damaged tooth may lead to fatal consequences. Getting a dental implantation done is the best way to save yourselves from these consequences.
  • Had an accident? Lost your tooth? What next? In these situations, opting for an implanted tooth serves as the best option.
  • You surely would not want your teeth to be kept in a cup every time you go off to sleep. To get rid of this in your old age, better get a dental implantation.
  • It doesn’t only look good, it functions the same as the original one. You can now chew, bite and do whatever you want that you missed all those days with your damaged teeth.
  • Dental problems may sometimes even lead to vocal issues, such as pronunciation problems. Your new set of teeth is ready to solve all these problems.
  • Implants are stable. They don’t get displaced in your mouth.
  • There is a lot to do with the durability factor of implants. They are as durable as your original teeth and in fact, less prone to diseases than the original ones.

Does it hurt?

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room! Well, you would be glad to know that it doesn’t hurt. Yes, you read it right! Dentists say that discomfort during the surgery is minimal. However, there might be some discomfort after the surgery is over which will remain for a short time. A short-term pain for a long-term relief should be manageable unless you act like a kid and keep running away from your problems.

So, opt for a dental implant today. Don’t let yourself get embarrassed in public. Don’t let your tooth problems become a hindrance to your smile. Say goodbye to the fear of stepping out!


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