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7 Best Asian Noodles From Around the World

No one knows who invented the idea of adding water to flour in a specified ratio of a third to one to come up with what is referred to as noodles. However, one thing is for sure; they have been in existence long before most of us came into being (around 4000 years ago) and will continue to be around for centuries to come. Asian noodles are some of the most common foods in Chinese cuisine and one of the selling points for China tourism. Usually, they differ depending on where they are produced, ingredients (e.g. rice flour, mung bean

6 Motorcycles That’ll Blow Your Mind in 2017

EVER heard about sex on two wheels?Well, if you haven’t, be ready to slobber up and have a look at these sexy motorbikes which will leave you drooling for more. 2017 Yamaha SCR 950 The nouveau Yamaha SCR 950¬†is awesome where it matters the most. Those nostalgic old manner plates and the curvaceous body of the bike is just a sight to die for. The SCR looks and feels exactly sturdy, yet a beast to handle. 2017 Triumph Street Cup The motorcyclist¬†sits glued to the motorcycle, courtesy of the low handlebars and the road hugging chassis. It has pointy handling

Most Dangerous Roads in The World: Drive At Your Own Risk

Roads are the most common medium of transportation in any country. They need to be well furnished for smooth and safe drives. However, most of the accidents occur at roads in which careless driving remain the soul cause. But there are some roads which challenge the drivers’ skill, courage and bravery. Here is a list of some most dangerous roads in the world which are responsible for many deaths per year and the counting is still going on. 1. Atlanterhavsveien, Norway This road in Norway has two entirely different faces. While it is regarded as one of the most beautiful

Why Hiring A Car Can Make Your Trip Stress Free?

Being in an unfamiliar city is nerve-racking enough without the added stress of not knowing how to travel from one place to another. While some prefer to rely on local transportation and hired cabs, others like to dispense with the hassle of depending on others by renting their own cars. Both have their own merits and demerits. Car Hire Sydney helps you decide which option is the best fir for you.