We are thrilled to offer the work of Bryan Nash Gill, who creates photo-realistic large scale prints from the cross-sections of trees. Through relief printing and a laborious rubbing technique Bryan is able to translate the actual scale, texture and pattern of the wood grain onto paper. Each detail is delicately imprinted, forming an intimate map of tree rings.

Bryan has been awarded numerous awards and noteworthy residencies throughout New England institutions and exhibits his work in museums and galleries throughout the United States, Japan and Dubai.

You can read more about Bryan Nash Gill in Ashes & Milk's Blog here and here and here and here.
English Oak
English Oak (call for price)
Hemlock 82 II
Hemlock 82 II $1350.00
Southport Oak II
Ash II
Ash II (sold out)
Compression Ash
Compression Ash (sold out)
Hemlock 82
Hemlock 82 (sold out)
Matching Oak
Matching Oak (sold out)
Locust (sold out)