Wood Serving Boards by Geoffrey Lilge + A Little Self Reflection

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With the end of the year approaching I’m a little nostalgic. I keep thinking about last month’s trip to New York City and the question asked of me over and over,” Why are you here?” At first I’d answer in my most practical Midwest way,” I’m on vacation! Yay!” but then realized what was really being asked: What was my purpose (as in aspirations and determinations)? And so this refreshingly grounding inquiry came home with me to Chicago and is still on my mind.

Three years ago I started this site and it’s grown slow and steady. Often I wish to progress Ashes & Milk faster, grow it bigger, include more artists and their work, photograph artwork in amazing ways like Ditte Isager, increase sales through more aggressive marketing and restock sold-out pieces for all of you wonderful people who write asking me for more. -Perhaps I will give you just that, minus the fast part. Please bare with me because the truth is, I’ve always taken life slow to savour its details and in turn can promise to stay true to what this project is all about.

With all this said, I’m really happy to introduce to you the newest addition to Ashes & Milk, Geoffrey Lilge who created a collection of hand-crafted Wood Serving Boards.

geoffrey lilge blog 12 Wood Serving Boards by Geoffrey Lilge + A Little Self Reflection
Above are a few of Geoffrey Lilge’s Walnut Serving Boards. Each piece is a unique functional object fashioned by hand from a single piece of wood.

The story behind the creation of these boards is sweet and born out of love. Geoffrey sought to find the perfect cutting and charcuterie boards to outfit his wife’s restaurant. After about 4 years of prototyping and restaurant testing he came up with these beautiful simple solid wood boards.

geoffrey lilge blog 33 Wood Serving Boards by Geoffrey Lilge + A Little Self Reflection
A sneak peak of Geoffrey’s warm and inviting studio.

geoffrey lillge blog 2 Wood Serving Boards by Geoffrey Lilge + A Little Self Reflection

[ Be sure to check out the entire colleciton of Geoffrey's Wood Serving Boards
at Ashes & Milk. ]

[ For those of you in Canada, see Geoffrey's boards in action at Culina and Highlands Kitchen Restaurant. ]

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2:31 pm
Jennifer wrote:

Best to you in the New Year. I love the site. It is so well curated and I always look forward to learning about the next trend through your vision.

5:25 pm
Adam wrote:

Love the self-reflection as well as the boards and images of this post.

9:00 pm
alyssa miserendino wrote:

i adore your honesty and the slow part. your should commend yourself for this. not too many people are able to do this so well and so beautifully – slowly. there is something special to this and you! happy new year.

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