7 Things to Know about Sliding Glass Doors and Home Security

Most modern homes are using sliding glass doors that feature simple locks. However, a professional locksmith can tell you that such locks are a burglar’s dream come true since they are easy to tamper with. The implication on your home’s security is obvious. To secure your glass sliding doors and keep your home burglarproof, below are seven things you might want to know about sliding glass doors and home security.

1. Vulnerability

Besides the simple easy-to-pry locks, the other obvious weakness of a sliding door is the glass itself. Glass is easily broken. It’s like having an open invitation to a burglar to break in. Some of the glasses allow you to see right through the home. A burglar might even be able to see if you have any home security installed. It is therefore vital to have your sliding glass doors properly secured.

2. Securing Sliding Glass Doors

Although sliding glass doors are by their nature vulnerable, you can secure them by fortifying the glass using a relatively affordable security film. This film reinforces glass to provide a protective layer and shields the glass. The film can withstand a lot of pressure, enough to deter a burglar from breaking in. The protective film also shields the glass from flying debris and powerful winds, especially during a hurricane or a storm.

3. Use Tints to Obstruct Views into Your Home

Besides obstructing views into your home, fitting your sliding glass doors with tints means no one outside can see inside your home. The tint, however, does not obstruct those inside from seeing through the glass, looking out. The resources at Lockup Services are helpful and can provide you with more information.

4. Use Glass Break Detectors

You can also secure your sliding glass doors by using glass-break detectors that set off the alarm whenever the glass is broken. This could be enough to send a burglar fleeing.

5. Add an Extra Lock

You can enhance the security of your sliding glass doors further by adding an extra lock or changing the locks. In addition, you might want to add bolts for extra security. If possible, get a professional locksmith to install a deadbolt lock to keep your sliding glass door even more secure.

6. Install Sensors to Send Burglars Packing

Other security measures to think about include installing a motion sensor. Thieves thrive in obscurity. Their worst nightmare is being detected. Installing a motion sensor will make their worst fears a reality. As the motion sensors are activated, the floodlights and sound alarms are turned on, sending a burglar scampering for non-existent places to hide. Other sensors you might want to install include a door sensor, which triggers an alarm should someone open the door. These sensors may not substitute a good lock or a fortified glass, but in some cases, they may be all the encouragement a burglar needs to flee.

7. A Comprehensive Security System

Your peace of mind and that of your family is paramount. Investing in a comprehensive security system is money well spent. There is an array of home security options to choose from. These include simple systems that use smartphones and others where security firms monitor your home 24 hours a day, throughout the week.

Although sliding glass doors are vulnerable, you can take steps to enhance your home security by fortifying them.