7 Items You Must Have When Packing for a Move

Packing for a move can be a big job, even when you hire movers. Below are seven things to have on hand that will make things more organized when the big day arrives.

1. Cardboard Boxes and Plastic Tubs

Every packing job requires containers to put things in that will safely hold the designated items to be moved. Cardboard boxes are the more traditional containment devices but plastic tubs can be helpful. You can choose from customized sizes that hold everything from loose shoes to clothes on hangers. Make sure you purchase more than you need without spending too much of your moving budget.

2. Packing Tape

Packing tape is essential when it comes to getting the boxes ready to pack and to securely close the tops. Add an extra layer of packing tape protection to any box that will contain items that are heavy. Books and dishes can place a strain on a single layer of tape on the outside of the bottom of your cardboard boxes. You can also use the tape to secure the lids of your plastic tubs.

3. Labels and Permanent Marker

Standard sticky labels and permanent markers are a great way to stay organized with your packing. You can add reminders to each box that lets you know what’s inside for better packing placement during the move and help designate where they go at the new location. You don’t want to set heavy boxes on top of lighter, breakable items. It helps avoid unpacking kitchen items in the bedroom and bathroom items in the living room.

4. Bubble Wrap and Paper Liners

Delicate items will need to be handled and packed with care. Glass items like cups and plates should be cushioned using paper liners between to avoid shattering through contact. Bubble wrap can help prevent damage through the shock of movement with vehicles, dollies, and hand carrying.

5. Plastic Zip Ties

Plastic zip ties are an absolute miracle when it comes to keeping electronics items and loose cords in their proper place. You can bind the electrical cords for any electronic item and keep it from tangling or getting damaged during the move. Keep it bound until you’re ready to plug it in at your new home.¬†For further information, Hudson Movers has a lot of helpful resources on their website.

6. Gallon-Size Freezer Bags

Gallon-size plastic freezer bags are the perfect tool for collecting all of the smaller, loose items around the home. You can place silverware and other kitchen drawer items, loose bathroom items, small objects from dresser drawers, or even pictures inside a bag that will protect them from being lost or damaged.

7. Color-Coded Master List

Pick up a set of colored markers and you can color code the labels to match a master list you keep handy. It’s easier for movers to look for certain colors than reading labels at the end of the move. Designate a different color for each room of the home and plan which boxes will need to go in each area.

Making a move easier starts with having all the right packing and organizational materials you need ahead of time.


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