6 Ways to Make Your Move an Eco-Friendly Experience

Hiring Toronto mover that care about environmental impact are essential in creating a more eco-friendly experience. Below are six ways you can make your next move greener.

1. Donate or Sell Items You Are Not Taking

The less you put out on the curb and in the trash, the fewer items there will be at the landfill. Save all of your unwanted items and donate them or hold a yard sale. All of these things will get added life, and you can feel better about your impact on the environment.

2. Find Used Moving Boxes Online or Locate Boxes at Local Stores

You might be able to locate someone giving away their moving boxes from a recent move. It will save a lot of running around and purchase of boxes and packing materials. You can also ask for boxes customarily discarded at local stores. Catching them before ending up in the compactor is the key to success. You can call around to save gas and time. This method might take a little time. Start as far in advance as you are able.

3. Use Biodegradable or Recyclable Moving Materials

Avoid using packing materials and boxes that are harmful to the environment. Find out if they are fully recyclable or biodegradable. A few types of boxes are made to break down with water. Use your blankets, towels, and sheets instead of bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts for packing breakable items.

4. Utilize Suitcases and Personal Storage Containers

You can reduce the amount of cardboard used for the move by using the suitcases, bags, and storage bins you already have. Storage equipment like this is made to handle items on the go. You can also use trash bags to pack blankets, linens, clothes, and stuffed animals. The trash bags can be unloaded, folded, and used at your new residence.

5. Carefully Break Down Boxes for Others to Use

You can be the one to offer fresh moving boxes and packing material once you have arrived at your destination and unpacked. Carefully handle, open, and unload the boxes to ensure they are in great shape. Run ads online, or get the word out through your social media accounts.

6. Hire Movers Using Eco-friendly Practices

Find a moving company that agrees with your eco-friendly approach and practices a few of their own. You want a company that uses equipment that is fuel-efficient uses sustainable technology and is active in their community.

Moving in a way that is friendlier towards the environment starts with the types of materials you use in the process. The significant part is that making the move greener adds very little to the difficulty of the move itself.


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