6 Reasons to Establish a Quality Control Area Before Packing and Shipping

You might think that setting up your own quality control area is time-consuming and takes up too much area, but it actually takes very little time and space. Below are six reasons why adding the right leak detection equipment to use before packing and shipping the finished products is a great way to avoid package failure problems.

1. Check for Pinholes in Packaging Surface

You can use equipment that helps smooth the surface of packaging like bags, making it easier to locate any possible holes or pinholes that compromise the safety and quality of the food. It can also locate pinholes in other types and shapes of materials commonly used in food packaging. The smallest pinhole can allow all sorts of contaminants to enter and cause problems.

2. Determine Seal Integrity


The seals of any food packaging are important designs that should allow easy access but offer durable protection from leaks before opening. Seals can take a real beating during transport, especially if you will be moving them via airplanes. Leak detection methods are available that will help determine the health of your seal designs and whether they actually protect the foods.

3. Use Visual Inspection for Customized Inspection

Visually inspecting the food packaging using a high-resolution camera and computer is one way to totally customize the areas you want to inspect carefully. You may have concerns about seals, lids, seams, and more. You can quickly focus on your areas of concern with no trouble.

4. Check for Liquid Leaks

Canned goods and other methods of packaging liquids will have to be looked at closely to ensure there are no leaks. Leaked liquids can cause a mess that results in a lot of product being sent back. You need to have the time needed to inspect the containment for integrity. For additional resources, visit Flexpak inc.

5. Guarantee a Longer Shelf Life

The more secure your food packaging is, the longer you can expect the shelf life to be. Stamping the expiration date to your food items is meaningless if you don’t have the right leak-free packaging to back it up. You need a quick way to spot check that the packaging is secure and offers proper protection to your food items.

6. Customize the Equipment You Need

You can choose the right leak detection equipment to set up an area that concentrates on quality control before shipping the products to the market. It doesn’t have to take up much space.

Take control of the quality of your food products by establishing a quality control area for consistent testing for package leaks.


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