6 Plumbing Problems that can Make Your Home Inhabitable

Plumbing problems often occur when homeowners least expect them. While an ordinary homeowner may know how to go about some piping issues, complicated piping problems call for a need of a professional plumber. Below are plumbing problems that can make your home inhabitable.

1. Slow Drainage

While homeowners can use drain cleaners to solve some minor piping problems, slow drainage can be a warning sign of a severe plumbing issue. It’s recommendable to contact an emergency plumbing professional if you notice your tub, sink, or toilet is draining slowly than usual. Trying to clog the pipes yourself can cause more harm than you thought.

2. Gurgling Noises

The presence of gurgling noises in your laundry room, dishwasher, or shower could indicate a severe plumbing issue. In fact, gurgling sounds are the first signs that your drainage system is compromised or clogged. It is always wise to turn off the water immediately after you hear the gurgling noise so that your drainage system doesn’t flood your house.

3. Frozen Pipes

While many homeowners often contact their plumbing professionals whenever their pipes freeze, most of them aren’t aware of the warning signs. Frozen pipes often produce an unusual smell and may cause your faucets or sink to make an odd clanking sound. You may also see traces of frost or moisture on exposed pipes. Whether your water fails to flow or you have noticed any of frozen pipes, contact a plumber Toronto right away to inspect your situation.

4. Sulfur or Sewage Smell

A smell of rotten eggs may make your home inhabitable. The chances are that one of your vents underneath the house or sewer pipe is faulty if your bathroom or dishwashers smell like sewage or sulfur. As such, it’s a rule of thumb to call a plumbing professional right away anytime you notice an unpleasant smell.

5. Natural Gas Smell

Being hit by a smell of natural gas in your kitchen or laundry can be scary. Natural gas smell suggests that one of your pipes is leaking, and it’s recommendable to contact a professional plumber to avert the danger.

6. Dirty Water

Drinking water should not have any color, and if you trace dirt when you turn on shower or faucet, it is a sign you have a severe plumbing problem. For example, colors such as the presence of yellow, red, or brown color in water suggest your water supply could be having excess minerals or rusty pipes. Homeowners can contact an emergency plumbing professional if the situation worsens to prevent further losses. Rusty-colored water may also indicate a health hazard with the safety of your water. In any case, homeowners should never hesitate to contact a professional plumbing service.


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