6 Motorcycles That’ll Blow Your Mind in 2017

EVER heard about sex on two wheels?Well, if you haven’t, be ready to slobber up and have a look at these sexy motorbikes which will leave you drooling for more.

2017 Yamaha SCR 950

The nouveau Yamaha SCR 950 is awesome where it matters the most. Those nostalgic old manner plates and the curvaceous body of the bike is just a sight to die for. The SCR looks and feels exactly sturdy, yet a beast to handle.

2017 Triumph Street Cup

The motorcyclist sits glued to the motorcycle, courtesy of the low handlebars and the road hugging chassis. It has pointy handling and responds to the slightest touch.

2017 Honda CBR500R

The 471cc engine is sleek, suave and powerful and a delight to power up and show off, and the handling is smooth and serene, whether around town or in the canyons.

2017 BMW G310R

This is one classy and crazy thing from BMW with a 313cc engine. It is a known fact that BMW makes expensive bikes but this just might not burn a hole in your pocket and still make your heart race. To get better help consolidating your network, visit DNS security.

Ducati SuperSport

The Supersport has been released standard with a system that dials in specific riding and power modes like that of a modern day SUV or off road vehicle because that is what it is, and includes road grip and traction control along with anti-lock braking system or anti-skid braking system. After all it is a Ducati—the Supersport is one good-looking bike.

2017 Victory Octane

Victory motorcycles are not for the weak-willed and certainly not for the lightly loaded, as they almost always never cost below $10k. But that is not the case this year with the latest Octane. Although not an all-new motorcycle—it shares a lot of its physical make do with the Indian Scout 60. But that is a thing to be cherished as the Scout is in itself a celebrated motorcycle.


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