5 Tips On How To Be The Cool Yet Responsible Parents?

Growing up, we’ve all vowed to ourselves that when we have kids of our own, we’d be the coolest parents ever. We’ve all seen our friends’ parents or our aunts and uncles who would be so cool with their kids and think, “That’s exactly how I’ll be when I’m a mom”.

But, when you actually do have kids, you realize that it is not easy to be a fun parent. For starters, you’re always worried if you’re cutting your kid too much slack. You don’t want them growing up irresponsible. Then there comes a time when you choose being responsible over being the fun one, because you want your kid to grow up being serious about stuff.

Modern parenting methods, however, are different. Being fun and loving is more stressed upon because there have been many cases in which the child becomes emotionally damaged because of some small thing that had happened years ago. The importance of giving them a comfortable and loving environment to grow up cannot be stressed enough.

So, here are some ways you can score bonus points for being the cool parent.

1. Be Nice And Fun To Your Child’s Friends

If their friends think you’re cool, the chances are that your own child will start considering you to be fun as well. If you’re the mom who packs fun lunches, everyone is definitely going to love you; and this is not even that difficult to do!

2. Spend Time With Your Kids Doing What They Love To Do

So, your little girl wants to watch Disney movies today and as an adult man, you’re thinking of ways to escape from this plan? No, don’t! Spending time with your child, doing what they love can make you seem infinitely more loving in their eyes. They’re going to get a lot excited when their favourite part comes and talk to you excitedly about it and the best part is, you’re around for that! The same applies to video games or pretty much any story they want to tell you. You’re never too old for all that!

3. Pamper Them Sometimes

Okay, so we understand that you don’t want them to eat a lot of chocolates or get them all the toys that they ask for. Basically, you don’t want to spoil your kid. But, have you seen Charlie’s Chocolate Factory? Willy Wonka’s dentist father does not let him eat chocolates ever and it damages him. You can pamper your kids from time to time as long as it is in moderation and they feel like it is a reward for doing something good.

4. Be Encouraging

Be encouraging if they want to try out something new. Also, don’t force them into all sorts of classes if it seem like they are not enjoying it. Extra-curricular activities are supposed to be fun, so make sure you find what interests them.

5. Be Creative

If your child loves space-related things, getting them a space-themed bedroom can make you the coolest parents ever. Or if your daughter loves princesses, get her a princess bedroom. These things can be done in pocket-friendly ways as well and they will be some things about their childhood that they will never forget.

These are some small and simple ways that can help you get the reputation of being a cool parent. Baby shows will allow you to interact with professionals and other parents. By understanding what works by talking to everyone, you can make yourself a cooler and better parent. There are plenty more and the more you do, the more you win your kids’ love.