5 Things to Look for in Moving Services

Moving is stressful and people should be able to look to moving companies to try to alleviate some of the stress. There are many different movers, with many different capabilities. People who are moving need to make sure they do their research and find out the pertinent information about the companies. Movers Toronto should have no problem discussing your concerns and offering you solutions. Here are 5 things that you should investigate when looking for a mover.

1. License and Insurance

You should make sure that any company you are entrusting your possessions to are licensed and insured. This protects your belongings in case something gets damaged during transit. It also provides protection in case they damage something while loading and unloading, or if the truck gets in an accident. If a company does not have insurance and is not licensed, this is a red flag and you might not want to use them.

2. Equipment

Depending on the size of home you are coming from, you might need a small truck, or you might need a tractor trailer. Furthermore, if you have heavy furniture or delicate possessions, you need to make sure the company can meet your needs by providing the equipment needed to move your belongings. The company should arrive with the proper truck, padding, hand trucks, and other equipment they will need to properly move your belongings and keep them safe.

3. Free quote

Getting a quote for a company to effectuate your move should be free. You should call a few different companies, so you can compare prices and services. These quotes will allow you to get a feel for the company and find out the answers to all the questions you might have. They should have the expertise to evaluate the belongings you need to move and properly give you a quote based on their assessment.

4. Services

There are many different services that a moving company might offer. Some companies offer more than others. For instance, a company might offer long-distance or international moving. Furthermore, sometimes a homeowner has special items that need specialized packaging, like crating. If you have these kinds of belongings, you need to make sure the company offers the services you will need to safely move the items, so they do not get damaged.

5. Knowledge

If you have a long distance or international move, the moving company you use needs to have the knowledge about laws and rules that will apply. There are special long-distance rules that trucks need to abide by and the company needs to make sure they follow them. Otherwise, your belongings might be detained, and your move delayed. It is important that the company is well versed in all laws and regulations.


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