5 Terrible Hiding Spots for Spare Keys

No one wants to their home burglarized. Even with a well-secured door lock installed by a locksmith, your home can still be broken into. If you don’t want to walk into an empty home, avoid these terrible hiding spots for spare keys.

1. Under the Doormat

You’ve seen this many times in Hollywood movies. Many homeowners make the mistakes of keeping their spare keys under the mat. This spot is perhaps a gold medalist on the list of terrible hiding spots. Even a novice thief knows this. If you have a doormat, you can be sure that is the first place a burglar will look. If you keep your spare key in this spot, you’re basically giving burglars easy access to your home. Don’t be surprised if you meet an empty space with no belongings as you stroll into your house after a stressful day at work if this is your hiding spot.

2. Under a Flower Pot

This is the second spot a burglar may likely check. The only difference between this spot and the doormat is the extra effort exerted in lifting the pot. You can take it up a notch by hiding the spare key in the soil of the plant, but it’s best to forget about hiding spare keys in this area altogether. Instead, look for a more secured spot.

3. In a Magnetic Key Holder

While this seems like a better idea than hiding your spare keys under a flower pot or a doormat, it is best to get away from any spot close to your door. Burglars will check every hiding spot near your door. Leaving your keys in a magnetic key holder by the front door is a bad idea.

4. Under a Fake Rock

There are two factors that can totally undermine the fake rock strategy – it’s either the rock looks too fake, or there are no other rocks nearby. One way this strategy can work is if real rocks surround the fake rock, particularly if it’s in your garden area. This way, the fake rock can blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment. If you have a rock that looks too fake, it’s best to find an alternative hiding spot.

Also, fake rocks are sold on the market for the purpose of hiding spare keys, and most thieves know this. Burglars are specialist when it comes to breaking into homes, hence they research the latest methods homeowners use to secure their homes. Too many burglars know that hide-a-key rock exist. If you’re considering investing in one, think again.

5. Anywhere Near the Door

Don’t hide your keys anywhere within 15 feet of the door. Some of the spots include windowsills, porch lights and practically anywhere else near the door. Burglars are lazy so they will scan spots close to the door area first. If they can’t find the key anywhere near your door, they might just get tired and move on to their next target.

Hiding your keys in the wrong spot is a direct invitation for thieves to break into your home. Contact a locksmith for advice on how to not only keep your home secure but various other services like helping you unlock a frozen car door.


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