5 Secrets About Erotic Massages

If you are looking to relax and get pampered in a special way, an erotic massage will make sure that anything you are looking for will be satisfied. With Allure erotic massages you will be able to book in advance and get all the services that will make sure you optimize every part of the erotic massage. In addition to a phenomenal staff, there make sure your overall experience is the best available to you with an abundance of services and options to choose from.

1. What are these massages like

The best advantage of an erotic massage is how complete of a package it is. In addition to all kinds of options when it comes to the staff, you will be able to enjoy a great lounge set up. There is a cold beverage section, that incudes complimentary water and soft drinks. There are large comfortable leather chairs, and the staff will spend time with you there so you can meet them when you get there. There will also be a large flat screen TV with satellite, and an assortment of men’s interest magazines, making sure you can be as comfortable as possible.

2. What are the room features

After enjoying the great lounge features, you will get to discover the actual rooms or the erotic massage. In there, there will be sensual music to enhance the experience with individual volume control. There are extra-large and wooden framed massage tables, with ergonomically correct pillows. There are also large mirrored walls, to have improve your overall viewing experience, as well as a glass enclosed shower with separate sink and vanity. There are large both towels, and reinforced coast hangers. There will also be dimmers in the rooms to help set the mood, and a mint on your pillow to top it all off.

3. Different service options

One great appeal is going to be the different kind of options you can choose from, accommodating a large range of what needs to be spent. Initially there is the VIP services, and the shower massage. The VIP services will allow you to massage and discover your attendants body, while at the same time getting an erotic body to body massage. You will be able to choose from fragrance free massage lotion or light mineral oil. The shower massage will include all the VIP services, with the last 5-10 minutes being spent lathering each other up for some hot shower fun.

4. Specialty services

In addition to the base services, there are also specialties available. The first option is double exposure. For an additional cost, you will be able to explore new thrills by enjoying the company of two of their ladies. Certain ladies will have a preferred partner, but you will not find yourself short of options. Another specialty service is the couples massage. If you are looking to spice up your relationship, you can enjoy the services with your significant other. This massage will be built around your particular desires, allowing you and your partner to find exactly what you are looking for.

5. Choose between a variety of ladies

One of the biggest advantages is having all kinds of options with your erotic massage Toronto, and with the option to book your appointment 10 days in advance, you can make sure to find the perfect lady. There may be some schedule restrictions, but there is a collection of ladies that will be available for whatever you are looking for, whenever you want to get it. There are over 25 different ladies to choose from, a decision that can be made ahead of time.