5 Recommendable DIY Plumbing Hacks

Once you start running your own house, you realize just how much it is costly to call for outside help because each service requires payment from you. Slowly you find yourself looking for alternatives and doing it yourself is one of the best options. Here are 5 ways of being your own craftsman;

1. Have a toolbox

If you are going to replace plumbing services and fix your leaks by yourself, the first and foremost step is to have a toolkit. Some essential tools for plumbing include adjustable wrenches, pliers, working gloves, plastic glue, screw drivers and a flashlight just to mention the basics. With these, you can at least hold any minor leakage before having to call a professional plumber Toronto to do the job for you.

2. Keep your drainages clean

If you want to minimize the cost of hiring a craftsman, why not prevent it in the first place? Of course, some faults are inevitable such as a burst pipe or a broken sink, but there are some plumbing problems that we cause ourselves. Drainage blockages are on top of the list. Sometimes we are too lazy to gather our waste and dispose of them properly so we force them down the toilet or sink not knowing that this only ends up with a blocked pipe. You can altogether avoid this by being particular about anything you flush down. Things like plastic papers, locs of hair, pieces of clothes, solids that cannot be broken into smaller particles, all these should be thrown into the garbage bin. If it does not disintegrate, do not flush it. Even your plumber will tell you that!

3. Fix leaks immediately

When you notice your sink or toilet or shower has a leak, no matter how minuscule do not ignore it as insignificant. The thing about leakages is that most times they move from leak to an explosion in the shortest time. Therefore, even if the leak is one drop per hour, attend to it immediately otherwise you will not only need a plumber but possibly a new house because of the damage a burst pipe might cause.

4. Avoid cheap material

The whole point of this article is to find ways of saving money when it comes to tasks you can do for yourself but when it comes to construction of your house avoid cheap material like the plague. You can buy a cheap plate, cup or even a cheap shirt. But for things that are long-term and vital, such as the material used to make your house and keep it standing, then go for the best quality even if expensive. If you are building your own home then make sure to purchase high-quality sinks, pipes, shower heads, sprinklers and tap knobs. These are things you will be using every day so you will do well to get the best. If you opt for the cheap low-quality ones instead, you will end up calling then plumber on a daily basis because the problems will be more than you can handle yourself. In the long run, you will end up using even more money than you should have used if you just went for high quality in the first place.

5. Have a plumbing service on speed dial

In as much as we would all like to be our own heroes who can solve their own problems, this is not the case. Eventually, you will need professional help and advice about some things. Therefore it is essential to have a craftsman on speed dial. It is recommended to have one or at most two craftsman’s who work on your sinks and pipes. This is because when you have a specific craftsman, he or she is able to follow her work and will, therefore, know what to add or remove from their last job.

Two craftsmen are ideal because it never hurt to have a second opinion. But once you have multiple plumbers you will notice that you keep getting plumbing problems frequently due to inconsistent and sometimes shoddy work.


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