5 Important Types of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is sometimes referred to as physiotherapy. This type of therapy is very important for people who are trying to recover from many different conditions. Certified physiotherapists are capable of helping their patients out in a variety of different ways. They are able to guide them down a path of healing and strength-building with the end results hopefully being a full recovery.

Even in cases where full recovery isn’t possible, a skilled physiotherapist is able to work with the patient in order to get positive results. It is undeniable that physiotherapy is very important to many people. You might not be aware of the full extent of the services that these physiotherapists offer, though. Take a look at these five important types of physiotherapy to better understand what it is that they do for people.

1. Geriatric/Elderly Physical Therapy

Many physiotherapists are particularly focused on geriatric physiotherapy. This involves helping elderly individuals to restore mobility in different parts of their bodies. Age is the biggest factor that is impacting them but they are also often dealing with arthritis, osteoporosis, and even joint replacement surgery recovery. Physiotherapy can allow the elderly to make improvements and live their lives more easily.

2. Paediatric Physical Therapy

Paediatric physiotherapy is another very crucial area of practice. There are children who have movement problems due to neurological disorders, skeletal or physical disorders, and even head trauma. Physiotherapists have the knowledge to help these children gain strength and improve their fine motor skills. It can take a significant amount of work but it is very much worth the effort to see a child make big improvements.

3. Sports Physical Therapy

Many people are familiar with the concept of sports physical therapy as it is something that you see on the television quite often. This is one of the most common areas of practice for physiotherapists and they assist many athletes at both the amateur and professional levels. When athletes suffer an injury, it is important for them to receive treatment to get back to the way that they were before suffering the injury. It can be a long road to recovery, depending on what the injury is, but through effort and good physical therapy sessions, results can be achieved.

4. Pain Management Physical Therapy

There is an area of physical therapy that is all about helping people deal with their pain management needs. The people who seek this out are often recovering from surgery but people who have chronic conditions are also in need of this. Many techniques are useful for helping people to manage their pain effectively and it can allow people to be much happier in their daily lives. Just knowing that they do not have to go through their lives suffering in pain alone is very beneficial for these people.

5. Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy

People who have severe respiratory conditions can also be helped greatly through physical therapy. There are different stretching and breathing exercises that can help them out. The correct breathing techniques can allow people to take longer and more satisfying breaths. Those who suffer from asthma, COPD, emphysema, and many other conditions have been aided by seeking physical therapy. The Dr Keogh Physiotherapy Clinic website is a useful resource if you would like more information.


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