5 Essential Features of Real Estate CRM Software

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of keeping in constant contact with your clients. Knowledge is king, and you need a system that puts the information you need right at the tip of your fingers when it matters most. Keep reading to discover the five essential features of real estate CRM software that you simply must have.

1. Make Sure It Is Web Based

Having a Web based CRM has many advantages. You want to make sure that you can access your information from anywhere that you happen to be, not just when you are in the office. With a Web based system, you will be able to show clients important data when at a house showing, for example, and this will really add to the effectiveness of your business. For those of you interested, Ixact Real Estate CRM has more information available on their website.

2. Develop Contacts and Leads

You need a way to keep in touch with your clients and to send them regular updates. This is even more important as your business continues to grow. It is no longer prudent to reply on paper and pencil to accomplish this, and you do not want to have make notations in your calendar to remind you of important milestones. Your CRM system should allow you to develop your contacts and regularly follow up with leads at scheduled intervals.

3. Build Your Website Around It

Your CRM system should also integrate within the structure of your website. When your clients input information on your home page, for example, it should populate directly into your software. Then, you will be able to instantly access this information wherever you are. This will streamline your agency and consolidate the places where you ask for and collect client data and property information.

4. Have Property Management and Matching Capabilities

As your inventory begins to grow, you will want your CRM to continually update the homes and offices that you manage. It is important that your prospective clients be matched with an available property that meets their requirements. This can all be done from your CRM system, as long as the feature is included in the package. You will also be able to optimize your property listing for SEO using this feature.

5. Generate Property Proposals Automatically

You will appreciate having the ability to generate proposals directly from your CRM. This will then be sent to your clients to look over. Having everything automated not only saves you time, but also makes you look more professional in the end.

You will gain a competitive advantage over other agents in your area if you have these five features built into your Real Estate CRM system. It is important to develop a system that is effective and leads to productivity. These are the five features that will get you there.


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