4 Vital Services for Immigration Attorneys

Canada has long been a bastion of diversity. Since the very beginning, it has provided a welcoming environment for those looking for a better life. Immigrants make up the social fabric of Canada. We are in the midst of one of the largest migrations to Canada in its history. From Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver and all places in between, immigrants have found new homes across Canada while adding so much to the Great White North. As Canada continues to stand as one of the great bastions of democracy and opportunity, more and more individuals are looking to join in the Canadian Experience. As you embark upon your Canadian adventure, you’re going to want the help of quality immigration lawyers.

1. Solo Immigration

If you are immigrating to a new country on your own, it’s fair to say that you could probably use a helping hand. That’s why the best immigration attorneys working in Canada are dedicated to helping individuals find their own personal pathway towards successful immigration. They will work with you to go through the different steps of the immigration process, which can include:

  • Determining your eligibility status based on a variety of factors the Canadian immigration system considers when deciding upon whether to grant admission or citizenship
  • Getting started with the actual application process itself
  • Checking the processing times so as to be sure that you remain on schedule
  • Checking your application to ensure that all the information requested has been accurately given and that your case has been presented in the best manner possible
  • Submitting your application with the goal of getting at least 67 points, the minimum needed to qualify for admission

2. Family Immigration

Immigrating on your own can be difficult enough. Doing so with a family can add whole new layers of difficulty. While it’s nice to have some company as you move to a new country, it raises a variety of new legal wrinkles and questions. Thankfully, the best immigration lawyers in Canada are dedicated to helping families tackle these hurdles. Now more than ever, it is important to remember that families belong together. The best immigration attorneys in Canada will work to help you and your family move and get settled here together. For more information, Bellissimo Law Group can provide you with additional insights.

3. Immigrating with a Fiancé or Spouse

Another layer of complexity can be added to immigration situations if you are looking to formally immigrate so as to join or marry your spouse or fiancé or if they are looking to do the same with you. The best immigration attorneys in Canada will work diligently to get things sorted out so you and your beloved can enjoy a new life in Canada together.

4. Sorting Out Visa Questions

Maybe you’ve come to Canada on a work or tourism visa and are now looking to transition to living in Canada for the long-term. If that’s the case, you’re going to need the help of

immigration professionals. The best immigration attorneys in Canada can help you make this important transition.

Move to Canada the right way with the help of the best legal experts on all matters relating to immigration.


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