4 Variables That Can Complicate a Roofing Project

The roof on a home can be a complex component to repair. This is because tiles can be damaged while walking on them, and the weight of the current roof plus everything used to repair it must be accounted for. Let’s take a look at some of the other factors that could determine how difficult a roofing job is to complete.

1. What Is the Slope of the Roof?

Generally speaking, a flat roof is easier to walk on than one with a significant slope. However, a flat roof may not be able to handle as much weight as a sloped one can. Therefore, it may be necessary to keep supplies on the ground and bring them up as needed. This could result in more time needed to complete the project, which could result in a higher cost to the property owner.

2. What’s the Weather Like?

The weather can play a role in determining how difficult it is to complete a roofing project. As a general rule, it is much hotter on top of a roof than it is on the ground. Furthermore, rain or other moisture can make walking on one slick and dangerous. Finally, if the weather is bad, it may not be possible to put shingles or other materials on without sacrificing quality.

3. What’s the Scope of the Job?

Putting a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of the current layer is considered to be an easy project. However, if you have to rip out the shingles before putting a new layer on, that will add to the project. Furthermore, issues with the roof deck or other materials will necessarily add time and cost to the job as well. When working on tile roofs, you have to be aware that they can break or fall off if you don’t walk on or otherwise handle them carefully.

4. Do You Have the Necessary Materials Available?

There are times when a supplier won’t have the right type of tiles or shingles to put on the roof. There may also be times when contractors simply aren’t available to complete a project on your desired timeline. This may mean finding new suppliers or new contractors, and that could result in an angry client who decides to find someone else to complete the job.

As there are many variables that could come into play when working on a roof, few roofing projects will proceed exactly alike. If you are a contractor, it is important to account for any issues that could make it harder to complete work on your anticipated timeline and price point. For further information, Cherry and Clark Roofing has many resources available on their website.


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