4 Valuable Things That Your Physiotherapist Can Do for You

As opposed to typical doctors, physiotherapists are movement specialists, which means that there are a number of things that they can provide that other medical professionals are unable to. Among other things, they are trained to recognize postural habits and distortion patterns, they treat injuries, and they are master of the musculoskeletal system. Whether you are an athlete or somebody struggling with mobility and movement, all of the following physiotherapy services can be extremely valuable for your healing.

1. They Can Assess Your Risk for Injury

Not only can physiotherapists help you recover from injuries and movement issues, but they can also give you the tools to prevent them in the first place.

Given their training, physiotherapists are able to examine your body, your posture, and your joints to identify subtle habits or situations that might predispose you to injury if the right conditions were met. They look at your habits, your activities, and the sports that you play, among other things, to understand your movements and where injuries are most likely to take place. Movement screens tell them where your weaknesses are, and using that information, you can keep those areas protected to avoid future injuries. You may find more information at Dr Keogh and their online resources.

2. They Can Help You Find the Best Workouts

Everyone is built differently, which means that everybody has different postural habits, ranges of motion, muscle imbalances, and alignment issues, among other things. This also means that there are certain workouts that are more suitable for some people than they are for other people, and a physiotherapist can help you identify your strengths or which workouts are going to be the most beneficial for you.

When you choose to pursue physiotherapy, you can get workout recommendations based on your specific profile, which can be used to prepare you for upcoming activities or sports schedules, and this will ultimately contribute to injury prevention.

3. They Can Speed Up Your Recovery

Post-injury is one of the most common times to visit a physiotherapist, and for good reason. They can recommend and initiate various treatments so that you will recover quickly and without surgery. Massages, compression sleeves, mobility work, and foam rolling are just some of the things that they might do to help you regain your mobility.

New techniques and improved equipment are introduced every once in a while and aim to enhance the experience even further, but your physiotherapist will know what’s right for you.

4. They Can Correct Postural and Alignment Issues

Neck stiffness, back pain, and weak areas can all be signs of alignment or postural distortion. These can arise from repetitive movement or from muscle imbalances, but, whenever they do arise, it’s important to make an appointment with a physiotherapist.

They can locate the problem areas, and they will know exactly how to deal with them so that you can get back to functioning like normal. Treatments may come in the form of massages, but they can also recommend certain exercises that will help improve both your posture and your balance.


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