4 Tips to Maintain Your Roof

Roofs handle temperature fluctuations, raging elements, and weather changes. Therefore, they become susceptible to wear and tear often. Roof repairs and replacement are quite a hefty investment, and homeowners are never prepared for such expenses. The best way to protect your roofing and avoid costly repairs and replacements is by maintaining roofs.

1. Perform a total roof evaluation

You should regularly evaluate your roof to know its age, the roofing material, the last time you repaired, and why it was fixed. You also need to see if it has ever been replaced so that you track its history because sometimes past issues can cause future problems. Besides, you want to know how previous repairs will or have impacted your roof. It is wise to evaluate your roof after every season so that you can be sure that your roof is in excellent condition, or if it is showing signs of repair. Also, it helps you to spot roof issues early enough before they progress to significant problems, which might cost you an arm and a leg to repair.

2. Clear away debris

Your roof is already exposed to harsh conditions like the screaming winds, snow and ice, and the barrages of hail. Therefore, you shouldn’t subject it to the burden of debris, soil particles, and other dirt particles. You need to protect your roof by cleaning it regularly. The valleys of your roof and gutters collect debris, and it clogs gutters and causes rust. Clogged drains interfere with the functionality of gutters, which could lead to foundation issues and flooding, not to mention the effects flooding has on vulnerable parts of your roof. The debris also builds up and causes your roof to sag because it adds on its weight, which is expensive to repair or replace parts of your roof. However, make sure you use a leaf blower or soft broom to clean the roof, rather than a pressure washer.

3. Reinforce seals

Plumbing drain pipes, chimneys, windows, and skylights are usually connected to your roof through sealants or vent boots. It is wise to reinforce the sealants to prevent surprise roof leaks, which could damage not only your roof but also furniture and internal home walls. Sometimes you might have to replace the sealants with fresh latex caulk or silicone. You can hire Toronto roofing services to inspect your seals and reinforce or replace them to protect your roof from leaks.

4. Pay attention to your attic

You can quickly realize an issue with your roof when you pay attention to your attic. Watch out for dark spots on the walls so that you know when your roof is leaking. Roof leaks encourage mold growth. Also, regular checkups on your attic will indicate missing shingles so that you hire repair services before the issue becomes severe. Healthy attics signify a healthy roof.