Month: January 2017

Essential Elements of A Good Real Estate CRM Software

The world we live in has evolved a lot. I mean, look around! The cell phones which used to have big antennas a few decades ago barely have any buttons on them nowadays. Technology has surely changed the scenario of how we used to deal with things and revolutionized the way customer relationship management was dealt earlier in real estate business. Companies nowadays are using CRM software for a hassle free experience when it comes to interacting with their customers. Real estate CRM software is nothing but a program that comes bundled with various applications that are meant to assist

Is DNS Firewall Indeed A Necessity With Modern Encryption Based Protection Layer?

Security for DNSĀ is a major issue every corporation across the world is facing trouble with. No matter what upgrade is being done, there is always some way to bypass and thus create security concern. However, anyone who is well conversant with network security will tell you, there is no silver bullet against all attacks. The best you can do is to ensure better security so that it is not easy to break in to the system. One of the important components of the DNS security is the DNS firewall. It is responsible for monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic and