11 Tips to Help You Move with Children

At some point in our lives, we all have to move. But the process is made much more difficult when you have children, especially if you have more than one. Instead of stressing, get the movers ready and follow these 11 tips.

1. Call in All the Favours

If you have friends that owe you favours, now is the time to cash in. Moving is easiest when the children aren’t around, so enlist multiple babysitters to help make your job a little easier.

2. Enlist the Help of Movers

There’s no easier way of moving than with Calgary movers. Allow them to do all the heavy lifting for you while you sit back and relax – you won’t even need a babysitter!

3. Make the Move Exciting for Your Kids

Moving can be very difficult on children. Help ease the transition by buying them something new for their new bedroom. If your child has always wanted a racecar bed, this is the perfect time to get one!

4. Find the Right Time to Pack

It must be a law of physics that as soon as you clean up your child’s toys, they need to make a mess again. Don’t pack your child’s toys with them in the vicinity otherwise you’ll be packing and re-packing countless times over again. Choose a time when your children are not around—either at night or send them to a babysitter’s.

5. Give Yourself More than Enough Time

Think of when you would like to start packing. Now add on an extra month. This is when you should start packing. Murphy’s law, something will happen. Make sure you’ve got more than enough time so you’re not stressed out.

6. Talk to Your Kids

Psychologically, moving can be disorienting to your children. Sit them down before you move and explain to them why you’re moving. This way, they’ll have a bit more of an understanding of why they need to say goodbye to their current home.

7. Choose the Right Time to Move

Moving in the middle of the school year isn’t a great idea if you have kids. Wait until the summer so your kids can finish their school year without any negative academic repercussions. This will also allow your children to have proper goodbyes with their school friends.

8. Create a Schedule

Kids respond well to routine. By creating a schedule, your kiddo won’t be taken by surprise by any of the important moving dates.

9. Respect Your Kids’ Opinions

Your kids will be living in the new house too. Why not get their opinions when choosing a new house? This will ease their anxiety by bringing them into the decision making process.

10. Declutter

The fewer things you have to move, the easier it will be. Purge your home to lighten the load on moving day.

11. Host a Family Friendly Goodbye Party

What better way to say goodbye than going out with a bang? Once the house is cleared, make the move a celebration, not something to be sad about.


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